How To Deal With Evil Psychic Attacks And Interferences – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling

Hello Dear Readers.

I am not proof reading this article, this is just what is naturally flowing out of my mind that I have been thinking about in the recent days. I have thought about this many times in the recent days, the more in alignment you become with your purpose the more things are going to try and distract you and get in your way.

Recently, last week I made an announcement on my YouTube that I was taking a week off of filming to really get my content organized, plan things out to bring my followers the best content I possibly can and to make a game plan for the future of my brand. Tomorrow a very special video will be going live on my main channel that will break down what is to come in the future for my brand and my business.

Literally the day after I made that announcement, Kane my dog started to have accidents in the house. He is 11 years old, definitely not a puppy anymore, but he has been house trained since he was six months old and then suddenly he started having accidents. I also noticed he was drinking water in copious amounts and could never have enough, and because he was drinking so much water he started to have accidents. Also whenever he would go to the bathroom outside I noticed when his urine hit the ground it would look like there were little bubbles in it, which can point to increased protein in the urine which can be an emergency situation and points to kidney function issues. I was very worried, the warning signs of different disease processes are similar if not identical to what it looks like for humans. In the case of endocrine diseases, if you see the “three p’s” manifest together, trouble is brewing. The three p’s are polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia which is excessive urination (polyuria), excessive thirst (polydipsia), and excessive hunger (polyphagia). He was showing two out of the three of these warning signs. That coupled with the small bubbles that were showing when he would go to the bathroom outside my mind was racing most minutes of the day, paranoid something was going to happen when I wasn’t home, not wanting to go into work and leave him alone, it was very difficult. I could not focus on anything, I couldn’t concentrate, I had three readings purchased from my Etsy shop during this time as well and I was able to focus on the readings but it was VERY difficult because of everything that was going on with Kane.

I took him to the vet, they checked his urine for an infection and it came out negative. They also did a full blood panel on him to check for kidney function, endocrine issues and anything of that nature. The next day I got the results back and he received a completely clean bill of health! The only thing wrong that he has is arthritis and it is progressed to where I need to give him a new medication daily to help with his pain. PS since I received the results he has not had one accident in the house. Coincidence? NOPE.

The day after I received the results I felt so much better that Kane is healthy, all of that weight was lifted off of me and I was gearing up to sit down and start planning my course of action for the future of my brand. I was working that day and was going to get out of work at 6pm and was planning on starting to map everything out for the next couple of months of content I will be putting out. While I was at work, I had just completed wound care on one of my patients. I exited the room and by the time I got from the room to the elevator to go down to my office, I was in so much pain in my tooth that I couldn’t even talk. It literally hit so hard and so fast it almost knocked me off my feet. My patients told me all of the color left my face and I was very pale. I was trying to answer them when they would talk to me but the pain was literally so extreme that I couldn’t even open my mouth to talk. My mom had extra antibiotics left over so she told me to come back to my apartment for a minute to grab them from her, she was at my place until I got home from work to stay with the dogs. I came home, had to go to urgent care yesterday to get more antibiotics because my mom only had three days worth of antibiotics. I had to pay $125 at the urgent care because I don’t have health insurance (a nurse without health insurance, an issue that is rampant in the USA, expect a video on this topic soon).

Again, same thing… I was feeling better once the pain started to subside, it subsided in a few days. Like I said, I had to pay the $125 at urgent care to be seen for the antibiotics. Today I went to log into my back office for my business with Younique which is a makeup and skincare company, and I didn’t meet my $125 quota for sales, and they suspended me! You have until the last day of the month to meet your $125 quota, and yet today, 2/9/2020, my presenter account was suspended. Younique is a big part of my vision for my brand! They have a non profit foundation connected to their company that brings survivors of childhood sexual abuse to a retreat that teaches them therapy and meditation and gets them started on their healing.

I wanted to highlight all of this for you all to bring all of this to your awareness of how sneaky evil is, all of this SETIAN energy that is always thrown at light workers and activated twin souls and even indigo children, because I assure you, this WAS NOT COINCIDENCE how everything has played out in the passed week. The more of a “threat” you are to evil, the more they will mess with you as you become more in alignment with your soul mission. Please realize, it is a very simple tactic that evil uses. It is the only one at their disposal. First evil will try and enter your spirit and your aura and your soul directly. But, if you are shielded and protected, and your vibration is higher than evils and there is nothing at the core of you that is touchable for evil, it will use things outside of you to mess with you! It is the equivalent of putting their foot out to trip you as you are running by them. They will never have the hope of keeping up with you so they trip you to give themselves a chance to even the playing field. STAY AWARE of these things!

Sending you all major love and light

~Danielle Nova

Published by daniellenova

Danielle Nova is a psychic/medium and activated twin soul. She is assisted by her twin soul in spirit to perform energy work, chakra clearing, tarot card reading, helping heal karmic wounds and help facilitate the relationship with your own twin soul. Readings are available through Etsy, or can be done privately on video chat.

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