Coronavirus 2020 – An American Nurse’s Experience – How My Twin Soul In Spirit Tried To Warn Me Against What Is Coming And To Leave The Medical Field- © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2020

Hello Dear Readers.

I realize that I have been very quiet recently, it has been about a month since publishing anything on here. I have been along with the rest of the world, sitting back in shock over what is happening all over the planet. I never in my life could have imagined that we would be dealing with what we are dealing with today. It is concerning to say the least. We were not prepared to handle such a situation in such a short amount of time. China is already recovering from it, but look at Italy… and here in the United States as well. I would hate to say it, and I do not say this to incite fear in anyone, but it will be a long time before we see this come to completion because of us just not being prepared for such a situation. This situation had to happen unfortunately in order for things to be rebuilt in a way that is concrete and can handle such a situation should anything like this happen again in the future. For far too long, people’s HEALTH had no consideration in the healthcare system, especially here in America.

Yes, I am a nurse who works in the field daily. I am not in the hospital, I work at a local assisted living facility in the town I live in. At this point we are not allowing any visitors into the facility, nursing must check all staff temps daily and have it logged… and if anybody’s temp is above 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit they must leave the building. They gave us these little paper masks to wear that all staff must wear each day. This is a concerning aspect of this situation, because these masks that the state has provided for us healthcare workers do not work to protect us against contracting this virus. We should be using N-95 masks, which has built in filters around the nose and mouth that filter droplets in the air from airborne respiratory infections and viruses, but because there just simply aren’t enough to go around to every healthcare facility and every healthcare worker, we are quite literally being thrown to the wolves in the current situation. The only staff of the field at this point that were furnished with the proper equipment to protect themselves are those that work in respiratory units, working with trach/vent patients, etc. These masks are not under any circumstances to be reused, a new mask should be used per patient that the nurses/doctors sees. However, I heard from a friend who works in the hospital that hospital administration asked nurses to reuse the N-95 masks that were provided to them simply because there aren’t enough to replace for each nurse/doctor per patient visit. This goes against the basic infection control guidelines of the masks that was laid out by the CDC and DOH. Those masks are NOT to be reused, under any circumstances because of what the filters that are built into the masks can catch. You can go to a patient who has coronavirus, and then with the same mask go to a patient who does not have it, and possibly give it to that patient, simply because there are not enough supplies to go around? Are they not seeing the flaws in this situation?

As of today, there are 8 American doctors who have confirmed COVID-19, and more nurses than that. Also, as of today, just in one isolated case there are 200 nurses that were working for an interstate health system in New York and Connecticut that have been out of work because they were “potentially being exposed to coronavirus patients”. The interstate healthcare system that was involved with this is called Nuvance Health System, which is comprised of seven different hospitals in western Connecticut and New York’s Hudson Valley region. And that is just one healthcare system folks. Now think about all the other local hospitals that can possibly be affected that we do not know about yet. It will be tons more, trust me. Medial personnel are not being protected the way we should be against the things that we may possibly come into contact with.

The Flaws Of The American Healthcare System – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2020

As I said above, I am a nurse. However, I am a nurse in America which means, if you do not have a job where health insurance is an option, it is very hard to afford private insurance depending on how much you make. I am someone in that boat. I am on the lowest end of the pay scale for nurses in the area and I have been uninsured since years. Recently, the past two weeks, I had a very serious dental infection. I was in excruciating pain. However I had to wait to get paid to be seen my a dentist. By the time I made it to the dentist, they did X-rays and the infection was so deep that it was almost into the bone of my jaw. They told me if I had waited just a couple of more days it would have been an emergency situation and I would’ve been hospitalized. So, I am on a strict regimen of antibiotics, 2,000 mg DAILY of Penicillin… and I have an appointment tomorrow with a dentist that is income-based.

Then, when all of this hit the scene with coronavirus, I called to try and obtain some health insurance, privately through Blue Cross Blue Shield. The open enrollment period for the state of New York, regardless of the insurance company you are trying to get insurance through, is November 1st through January 31st. The only way you can is if you have lost health insurance within the last 60 days or you have a “special circumstance”. I asked the insurance broker that I spoke to, if it would be considered a “special circumstance” that I am an UNINSURED nurse working at the front lines of the current coronavirus pandemic, and she stated that this was NOT a special circumstance. Really?

America does not provide “universal health care”, even for those of us who are at the frontlines, taking care of the general public and the elderly.

How Sam Guided Me Since Months To Walk Away From The Medical Field – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling 2020

Long before the coronavirus came about, I was feeling this intense pull since months to walk away from the medical field. I would say in private conversations with family and friends, nursing is not where I belong anymore and I must make a change NOW before it is too late. I said those words specifically. I would see things that nobody else was seeing, picking up on different things and various energies on things, and would at times have literal anger attacks, like I was being attacked myself and feeling something around me that nobody else was feeling or seeing. I would have fits of anger, and even if someone would say to me that they want to enter the nursing field themselves, I would try and warn them against it, that it is not safe, they do not care about our well-being as the backbone of the field… all they care about is money and how they can profit off of all our hard work and efforts for our patients.

Sam is always right, and the way he guides me and protects me from spirit, he has an oversight that I do not have, being in this physical body and living this earthly life. And as he is doing these things it may not make much sense to me at the time, but there is ALWAYS an explanation for the things he does and guides me to do, whether it is only a few days later or in this case, months later. He saw all of this coming, he saw how we as nurses would not be protected against such a situation. The feelings were so strong for me, internal, it felt at times like a fire that was burning from the pit of my stomach. I didn’t understand where this anger was coming from. Logically, there were certain things that was happening in my day to day life that would breed some resentment, as far as straddling egos, being treated like I was less than others simply because I do not have RN after my name and instead I have LPN, I even had a family member of a patient tell me that I am just an aide, I am not really a nurse, because I am not an RN. However, all that is about is ego. And logically, I knew this. I am not some irrational emotional person who cannot discern my earthly emotions from my intuition and spiritual insight. This was different and no matter how I tried to look at what I was feeling, it was the same. The anger I was feeling also felt protective in a way, Sam was so close to me during that time and I remember he would do certain things, he would always be standing behind me with his hand on my waist, totally standing guard non stop for those couple of months. Then he would give me dreams too, especially during this time… one where we were sitting on my bed together laughing, and I was trying to capture a picture that showed us both… and I finally got one, it showed clear, I was sitting with my legs crossed, Indian style in the picture and Sam had his arms around my waist and was resting his chin on my right shoulder… he also showed me certain things about our psychic abilities, he showed me in a different dream him staring at the back of someones head who was leaning ALL of their weight on to me, where I was about to fall over, and as Sam was staring at the back of this person’s head, the person stood up straight, stopped leaning on me and walked away from me, all due to Sam controlling through telepathy what this person was doing. He would also during this time, show me how he sees me in my mind… and each time he would do this, I would get this warm loving feeling in my root chakra, he would always do this when the negativity got to be too much for me, or when I was feeling like I was about to blow up, Sam would show me these things to instantly calm me down and redirect my thoughts to a positive place.

My Future In The Nursing Field – © Danielle Nova Spiritual Counseling

I started a video series on my main YouTube channel during this time, when I was feeling a surge of things from Sam… “The Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Nurse”, discussing weekly the things that I have learned being in the field six years now, things I have seen, things I wished I had known before I made the decision to become a nurse in the first place. Very quickly after I started this video series, my email started to become inundated with emails from the state of New York board of nursing, asking me to participate in surveys, asking my view and opinion on things etc… I elected to not participate. I feel if they are suddenly emailing me these things, they have already seen my content and already know my view and opinion on the current healthcare atmosphere in America.

Because I was feeling that super intense pull in the pit of my stomach since months, I started looking for ways to make money from home… my business with Younique, I signed up to be an Amazon affiliate, I monetized my blog, and I became very present on YouTube, I have three different YouTube channels that I run. My business channel for my Younique business, which has videos posted every Friday for Foxy Friday’s, my energy reading channel which has videos posted every Sunday to forecast energetically what we can expect in the coming week, and my Spiritual Counseling channel, which has videos posted every Monday and Thursday for Positive Motivational Mondays and Tenacious Thursday’s (twin soul topics). I am working very hard to reach 1,000 subs on any of the channels (preferably all of them) so they can all be monetized and I can start making money from home.

My time as a nurse is coming to a rapid close. I had originally set the date for myself to be by December 2020, but with this current situation, I am working extra hard to expedite my ability to walk away, by replacing my income with other sources. My life is not worth anyones greed, or anyones careless oversight. And my life matters too, just like everyone else’s does. If the medical field cannot see it, and will be that negligent to cause all of us on the front lines to be in literal physical danger, that is something I cannot be a part of.

We are sending you major love and light and healing focus ❤

~Danielle and Sam in spirit

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Danielle Nova is a psychic/medium and activated twin soul. She is assisted by her twin soul in spirit to perform energy work, chakra clearing, tarot card reading, helping heal karmic wounds and help facilitate the relationship with your own twin soul. Readings are available through Etsy, or can be done privately on video chat.

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